Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Off to A Good Start

The first week of January was a strong training week.  I established a FTP very slightly higher than at the end of the season.  That surprised me as I was sure from other aborted efforts it would be down 10%.  And the weather was pretty good for most of the week so I got some outdoors rides in.  And I was able to increase my gym, Pilate's and yoga time.

Having football games to watch when it is cold and snowy helped, too.

Totals for the week are:  158 miles, 12:20 total training, TSS=560 and KCal=5310.

This was week one of early base training.  In Base-1 I plan on four rides a week.  The first ride of the week is a high intensity ride of level 5 intervals.  I will do another two rides of 1.5 to 2.0 hours in level 2.  Depending on how I am feeling I will do a fourth ride either of intervals in level 4 or a recovery ride.

Because I feel my aerobic capacity needs to improve I have started running but right now I am a poor runner.  Every time I have tried to run seriously i have injured myself.  So I am going at it very carefully.

I am also doing heavy (for me) weight lifting for strength, Pilate's for core, and yoga for flexibility (of which I need much, much more).

This coming week will not be so good.  Like the rest of the country it is very cold and snowy in Colorado forcing me into the garage.

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