Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So Far So Good--But it is Super Early

Second week of base training has gone well.  Rode 111 miles with ten hours of training and just short of 5,000 KCal.  Did everything on my training plan this week including three hours skiing (not included in the training).  Even managed a double Pilate's session as I work on my core.  The only downside of the week was it was really cold, snowy and windy so all rides were on a trainer.  Weight loss hit plan but just barely.

The third week (started 1-13) of base will be a bit of a rest week.  I found myself pretty tired on the last endurance ride and I hope to ski a couple of times this week.

It is really early in the training year.  I don't even know if I will do or be selected for the Ride the Rockies in June which is my B ride of the year.  My A ride is still 34 weeks away and any decision about riding it is still at least 18 weeks away.  My focus for at least the next 15 weeks will continue to be building aerobic endurance.

I am going to start measuring what Joe Friel calls decoupling and the ratio of output/input.  If I get some data and a better understanding I'll explain next week.

I tested a Kickr recently and found it to be a super trainer but at a price point I can't justify.  If I lived where the winters were longer and harsher, maybe.  But I need to be outside when the wind is manageable, roads are dry, and the temp above 30.  That should be at least a day a week, on average, here even in February.  And, if not, I am building base with long sessions at level 2 so movies and a CycleOps trainer will do.

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