Monday, January 27, 2014

Week Four of Early Base

Progress seems slow as I build an aerobic base but I have time.  In past years I reversed the base phases and did a lot of power work early and worked on endurance later.  That approach seemed to work well for me.  I have, after all, powered my way through some very long rides.  But I was slow for a PAC Tour rider and the climbs in Colorado were, at times, very hard--and slow.

By the two measurements discussed in early posts I really do need to do some work on aerobic endurance.  Rides this week again showed that in the second and third hour of a level-2 ride, my heart rate and power decouple and the output/input ratio declines.

The really bright spot is that my weight is now down to pre-Thanksgiving level at 176  I am still up about two pounds from early October when there was a series of things that put on some weight and I am four pounds above what I rode the Eastern Mountain Tour.  Weight is hugely important and I need to get to 165 before I will let myself ride the Ridge of the Rockies Tour with PAC in September.

My real goal is a 10% improvement in watts/kgm.

Last week was a strong training week with Colorado weather cooperating.  Total training eleven hours, 120 miles, TSS of 463 and 4900 KCal.  That does not include four hours of skiing.  With four days to go in January I have rode 508 miles which is more than any January.   The rest of the week looks poor for outdoor rides and I have guests and events this coming weekend.

Back on the trainer.

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