Saturday, February 22, 2014

Base-2, week 1 for Someone 65

If you have ever looked at different coaches' approaches to the base period you find that there are some quite different opinions on what you should be doing.  And if you look closely at those that seem to agree you still find considerable difference.  For example, Chris Carmichael and and others argue that short, high-intensity rides (VO and power intervals) during base period are desirable.  In fact, over the two years I used his coach I never stopped doing hard intervals.  On the other hand, there are a bunch of coaches that insist that the base period has to be a lot of level 2 work building aerobic base and that hard intervals too early not only do no good, they may be limiting because they take away from the point of the base period.

That point, they argue, is to build capillaries and train the body to use more fat than carbs while building aerobic base.

Then there is Joe Friel who is both an advocate of the standard base building and, for older riders, hard intervals during base.  He actually gives a couple of great measures to achieve during base (efficiency or power/heart rate and decoupling).  But he also says that older riders need to (my words) shock their systems with some hard VO work at least once a week.

I am not trying to get the last percentage of power out of my body's potential and I am not trying to win any races.  I want to go 100 miles plus a day for a couple of weeks with no days off.  The last couple of years I have used a training program that is reversed from the standard base.  I did a lot of hard intervals early in the year and gradually lengthened the rides and frequency of rides.  That matched the theory that training should gradually look more and more like the kind of rides you plan to do.

But in 2012 the Eastern Mountain Tour by PAC (  ) was really too much for me. Last year doing a week long Ride the Rockies, week off, week long Bicycle Tour of Colorado scenario was fun and easy.  Turns out that the difference between 110 miles a day and 70 miles a day and seventeen days straight of climbing and two weeks of climbing over three weeks is very, very different.

Sorry about the length of this but with the preamble out of the way: the point I am too slowly getting to is that I have shifted my base period to match more closely that of Joe Friel.  Except that I am staying for now with a seven day plan and not a nine day plan as he suggests for someone 65.  I am doing that because I feel I really need to build my aerobic base more than past years and 7 day plans fit the rest of my life better.

I was going to publish my training plan but the weather in Colorado has been terrible for cycling (and a lot of other places too).  So I am going to publish what I did hoping that it might help some other self-coached cyclists.

EM 3.0 Sun
EM 3x30x5  Mon
TP 40WU 3x20x5 lvl3 170+ Tue
rest Wed
VO + yoga Thu
EM 1.5hr Fri
EM 2.0 hill work  Sat

EM=endurance miles level 2
TP tempo level 3
WU warm up 40WU means a 40 minute warmup--I have a specific wu plan
VO level 4
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday were on a trainer.  Weight work didn't get recorded but I was in the gym Tuesday and Thursday.

Total miles (including trainer) 186, 5365 KCal

Let me know if this is useful.

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