Friday, February 28, 2014

February Turns out Fine

February was cold and snowy especially the first half.  No surprise; the entire country is colder and snowier than normal.  In the last half of the month there were some days when it was possible to get outside and start to get some long rides in.  Overall it was a good month going 489 miles, 37.5 hours of training and total calories of 14,750.

Mileage, of course, includes miles on the trainer and overall this was the best February as for mileage I have ever had.  So far this year I have rode 1008 miles and over the last seven days, 170 miles.

More telling is the amount of kilo joules and TSS.  For Feb it is 14,700, in 2013 it was 9,700 and in 2012 it was 19,300.  Training Stress Score (TSS) for this Feb is 1330, in 2013 it was 1196 and in 2012 it was 2059.  I expected the TSS and KJ totals to be lower this year than the last two since I have changed my approach to base working far more in level 2 and just starting to work in level 3.

Training workouts for the last few days of February:

EM 3.5hr Mon
VO + 2hrs pilates and stretch Tue
rest Wed
EM 3.0 + TP 4x15 Thu
EM 1.5hr Fri

I will be skiing through next Wednesday so no cycling.

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