Sunday, March 16, 2014

Base 3, Week 1 and Patience

Patience is a virtue, they say, and it sure is needed during base phase.  This was a strong week as far as base building goes.  I trained 12 hours (including 2 skiing--more on that in a minute), rode 150 miles and burned just short of 5,000 Kcal.

The training plan executed this week was:

EM 2.0 hill work  Mon
VO Intervals Tue
rest Wed
EM 3.0  FP 3x5x5 + TP 3x20x5 Thu
ski Fri
EM 2.5 hr Sat
EM 3.5 Sun

I am pretty happy with where my aerobic decoupling is.  Today's 55 mile, 3.5hr ride had a decoupling of 4% which is exactly where it should be.  However, I was holding in the lower range of level 2.  Not sure, but will find out, what happens when I push the pace.

Back to skiing.  I am confident there is some aerobic benefit to downhill skiing and probably some strength training in the quads, too.  It has always been hard to estimate how much work is really getting done.  But now everyone has these ski apps that show how much time was spent actually skiing, standing around, riding the lift, etc and gives data on the skiing.  And the data seems reasonable.  For example, the Friday skiing was a five hour session on the slopes of which two were actually skiing and calories burned estimated at 840.  I give that a TSS of 25 per hour.  That is how I account for skiing.

Only about four more skiing days left in the season.  

And Ride the Rockies (RTR) is twelve weeks out and I have three more weeks of base left.  I will do eight weeks of build for RTR and I still don't know where I will do my climbing training as all the local routes are seriously damaged from the September floods.  I expect to have to drive to find a good place.

And the snow in the mountains is still very, very high.

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