Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ten Percent Goals and Summer Plans Firm Up

My real goal for the year is to get fit enough to do the Ridge of the Rockies Tour with PAC
and as I have written I remember well how hard the Eastern Mountain Tour was on me.  So I set a decision goal of improving my watt/kg by 10% over what it was in 2012.  If I do that I will do the Ridge Tour.

I also set some sub-goals getting ready for the Ridge ride again comparing to my training for the Eastern Mountain Tour. These subgoals are to increase my training hours, TSS, Kcal and mileage by 10% and reduce my weight by 10%.  For example, my 2012 training hours was  501 hrs and my goal for this year is 550; distance was 5,142 and 2014 goal is 5,656.  Etc.

My summer riding plans are firming up.  I made the lottery for the Ride the Rockies  so now I know how to set my base and build plans for the summer.

This was an unusual ten days.  I had a house guest and then we went skiing for three days.  Those were three days of hard skiing and then, after a Thursday resting, three days of cycling including a nearly five hour, 75 mile ride Sunday.

ski Mon
ski Tue
ski Wed
rest Thu
EM 3x30x5 + Pilates Fri
RM Sat
LTHR 5 hrs Sun

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