Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tiring Week But a Big Week

Last week was eventful although not particularly in a good way.

I continue focused on building my aerobic endurance and planned a seven hour, 100 mile ride.  But fifty miles into the ride and thirty-five miles away from home when the wind came up.  It was a 20 mph with higher gusts SW wind and I had to go straight south.  I crawled for three hours and finished with an 86 mile ride over 6.5 hours.  And I was crushed.

Next day I went skiing with a friend and found my legs were tired.  I thought there was some overlap in muscle usage between skiing and cycling but not much.  Well now I think there is more overlap than I though.  After a day of hard skiing my legs were more shot and I had to take an easy day to recover.

Finally--and this is the good story--after a day of recovery miles I was able to put in a hard set of VO Max intervals.  I do VO Max intervals about once a week per Joe Friel's suggestion that senior+ riders need to add hard intervals to their training even in Base phase.

But then again my body was shot.

Last week 165 miles, 12 hours of training, and nearly 5,000 Kcal.

RM Mon
VO Intervals + lift Tue
rest Wed
EM 6 hrs Thu
Ski Fri
RM + Yoga Sat
VO intervals Sun

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