Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Week of Build

The spring weather in Colorado held for this first week of build.  Rode 215 miles, trained 13.5 hrs, and burned through almost 6,000 Kcal.

Rest Mon
EM 2 hr Hill Work Tue
Rest Wed
EM 6 hrs/100 miles Thu
RM Fri
EM 3hr + TP 3x20 Sat
RM Sun

Even though it was a good start and I am still struggling with my weight.  The good news is that I am lower than I have been since well before 1995.  But that isn't good enough.  I need to lose at least 6 pounds and really need to lose eleven.  

It is snowing today (Sunday 4-13) and the roads will not be good tomorrow.  And there is more snow forecast later this week.  It may be hard to find a day when I can get my long ride in and climbing remains out of the question.

(Climbing is challenging because ALL the roads up canyons were washed away by the flash floods last September.)

Eight weeks until the Ride the Rockies.

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