Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Summary

In the end March was a strong month of training.  I rode 590 miles, trained for 52.5 hrs and burned 20,200 KCal.  I also finally broke off my weight plateau although I remain six pounds above what I consider the maximum weight for climbing, eleven pounds above desired, and way, way above optimal climbing weight (TBD if I ever get close).  So far this year I have rode 1623 miles and trained 122.3 hrs.

This week I am finishing my base training and it has gone pretty well.  I wanted to ride one 100-mile ride in March but the weather, particularly the wind, would not cooperate.  I did get that one 86 mile ride in with a lot of headwind.

I expected to lose some critical power or FTP during base but was surprised to find during testing this week that I had gained four watts.  That is four of the thirteen that I set as my minimum target if I am to ride the Ridge of the Rockies with PAC in September.  Perhaps more importantly, I raised my power/weight ratio by 4.5% with a target of raising it 13.5%.  Overall I am about a third of the way to target and just starting the first build period.

I will now do eight weeks of build and one week of peak before the Ride the Rockies.  I will do two hard weeks and one recovery week for both build 1 and build 2 and then peak after build 3.

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