Sunday, April 27, 2014

Turning 66

This week I turned 66.  Not a particularly important birthday unless you are three as is my granddaughter.  So while I had no plans to do anything special, she could not understand why there wasn't a party.  So we quickly scraped together some dinner and had a small party.

A small party that went on for two days.

And trashed my diet.  Badly.

The diet component of goal of increasing my power/wt ration 10% was already struggling but now it is seriously behind plan.  I need to lose another 8 pounds and I am not very confident.

On the other hand, I finished this rest week with a progress test and increased my critical power 5 watts from the April 1 test.  I now only need to increase my CP 7 watts to make goal.

It was a rest week where I cut most of the work by a third.  Total training time 10:40, 172 miles, and 4700 Kcal.

One last thought on weight.  Losing at least 8 pounds is necessary for more than just hitting a target ratio.  If I don't lose that weight before long I will give up on the PAC ride this fall and concentrate on losing the weight.

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