Monday, May 19, 2014

Fighting Frustration

It is less than three weeks until the Ride the Rockies (RTR) and everything seems to be frustrating my conditioning.

The weather has been the biggest frustration.  It snowed on May 10 and 11 and then was cold May 12 and 13.  It has been like that all spring with either snow or, much worse, high winds--winds that can blow you off the road (40 mph and higher gusts).  Even the best roads for climbing are closed because of the September flood while they are patched up and the brush cleared from the stream beds.

Then there is work.  I am retired so it isn't the kind of work where you have to go into the office everyday.  It is the around the house maintenance that I just can't seem to get finished.  I got a stair chair working; the first section of fence painted; the yard in decent shape; etc.  But yard work is never ending and every time I do something I see more that needs to be done.  For example, I need to check out all the drip lines to make sure they are connected and working.

Same for house work.  I want everything running perfectly and looking proper.  My house isn't a big house and it is about 16 years old.  But something seems to always need attention.  For example I need to get some sidewalk replaced and the cars need new windshields.  The garage is a mess.  The garden is only half in.

It would be easy to misread this but my wife is frustrating my training (not frustrating me!).  She plans things that interfere with cycling like dinners, maintenance on air conditioners, going to the mall, seeing friends, etc.  If it weren't for her I would be a cycling recluse.

And then there is my weight.   I have no one to blame but me.  I haven't been able to keep motivated for more than a week for, oh, a year or two.  My weight hasn't moved in at least a year which is a good thing but it is still at least 10 pounds too high and probably closer to 20 pounds too high for climbing.

I just finished an overload week (really only four days).  For the week I rode 16 hours, 245 miles, and climbed 10-11k depending on which device I believe.  So a strong overload four days.  To be clear, because of the weather I did this on four consecutive days (Thur-Sun).  I also did 2.5 hours of Pilates and yoga.

I was going to do a six day overload but my wife wants me to drive her to the mall and my legs need a rest.  The weather has thrown off my nice weekly plans and heavy yard work hasn't given my legs time to recover.  So I will take Monday-Wednesday light and then hope to do another 4-6 day overload.

Finally, where am I.  Compared to last year getting ready for the RTR I am surprised to find that I am half a pound lighter and close on CTL.  CTL now is 70 and last year it was 76 but only 74 when the RTR started.  Probably I tapered too much last year.  I should easily be at or above 74 this year.

And since I was planning on being in much better condition and much lighter, another frustration.

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