Monday, June 2, 2014

Ready for the Ride the Rockies

I am as ready for the Ride the Rockies (RTR) as I am going to get.  Without the capability to do much climbing because of the condition of the canyon roads, I have concentrated on building endurance.  May was a very successful month as I road (wheels turning) nearly 68 hours and covered 1,063 miles.  That is about 10 hours and 200 miles better than 2013 training for the RTR and more than 20 hours and 400 miles better than 2012 getting ready for the Eastern Mountain Tour (EMT).  Last week I rode 300.2 miles.  I have never rode 1000 miles in a month or 300 miles in a week unless on a multi-day/multi-week event.

Where the May training is weak is from the lack of climbs and with the climbs the intensity.  May 2013 I climbed about 47,000 feet and had a normalized power of 143W.  This May I climbed 34,000 feet with most of it short climbs and a normalized power of 134W.  I expect to start the RTR with a CTL of about 75 and last year was at 84.

And the ride this year is much harder.

So I will just have to keep the pace under control and grind it out.

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Anonymous said...

hi larry - sure hope you don't have any problems today with all the rain. jean & bob