Friday, June 13, 2014

Reviewing a Couple of Incidents--Venting Actually--from Day 5

First, I am home all safe and sound and only a little beat up from the RTR.

I will write a summary of days 5 and 6 this weekend.  A couple of events on Thursday put me behind.  The first was a front wheel blowout descending Fremont Pass.  As Tom H. will tell you that can be disastrous.  I was way more fortunate than Tom in that my bike didn't do anything crazy and I was able to bring it to a safe stop.

I changed the tire and inflated it with a CO2 cartridge.  Now I am really cautious with CO2 cartridges.  I have over inflated tubes and blew them and I really, really didn't want to use my second spare tube.  I inflated to what seemed a safe pressure then limped all the way to Frisco hoping on every switch back that I had enough tire pressure to keep the tire from rolling and blowing out.  In Frisco I deflated the tire and re-inflated it.  All this tire drama cost me at least an hour.

Then the hotel incident.  I arrived at River Mountain Condos about 2:30 and my room was not ready.  I am really tired and dirty but rooms are promised until 3.  So they take my cell phone number and I go get something to eat.  Back at 3:30 and my room still isn't ready.  I sit in the lounge and they will come get me when the room is ready. At 4:30 I go sit on the set in a chair in front of the front desk where the two women working are chatting.  At 5 they ask if they can help me at which point I blew up.  My room had probably been ready for an hour or more.

And the room was pitiful.  It only had a pull-out-of-the-wall  bed, was hot (there is no air conditioning in ski condos), and poorly furnished.

All this put me several hours behind routine. It also had me so mad I didn't want to write about the day because I would fixate on the hotel.  Because other than getting scared silly with the blowout, it was a pretty nice ride.

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