Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Summary and Ironman Decision

The plan was to do fewer miles in August as I added other sports and upped the intensity.  But it wasn't much less as I rode 909 miles in August and now 6,147 for the year.  But the training hours were solid at 61 and for the year 415.  I expect the number of hours per month to fall as I shift to more running and swimming.

The decision to do the Boulder Ironman on August 2, 2015 has been made and a swim coach, hired.  I have not hired a triathlon coach yet because I don't know who to hire or if it is too soon.

I think it is too soon because I really can't run very far, yet, and I am just beginning my swim lessons.  The challenge in looking for a triathlon coach is finding one that can help me with my form.  Most that I have found don't appear to be prepared to watch me ride or run long distances and actually coach me on my technique.

The experience with Carmichael Training is illustrative.  I trained with a coach there for almost two years and he did me a great deal of good.  Yet he never rode with me and it was on a transcontinental with PAC that Lon Haldeman rode up behind me and pointed out that I was leaning to the left and my ride knee was kicking out.  I have worked to fix those problems for six years.

For me there are three keys to a successful completion of the Ironman.
1.  Get efficient in the swim so I can complete it in about 1:30-1:45 and not be exhausted.
2.  Do not hurt myself training for the run.  I usually increase distance too fast and hurt my hamstring and/or groin muscles.  A common problem for cyclists starting to run.
3.  Keep and improve my cycling endurance so that I can complete the cycling part in seven hours or less elapsed.

If I can do these, and the first two are going to be hard, then I can do an Ironman in 16 hours or less which is my goal.


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