Friday, August 8, 2014

Catching Up

Way too much to go into any detail so let me work backwards.

Boulder Ironman.   No, I didn't do the Ironman but I did do a lot of cheering and encouraging.  The mass of the participants are very motivating.  Maybe some day...

Copper Triangle.  I rode the Copper Triangle on 8-2.  That was the first time I rode the event although I have climbed all the passes more than once.  It is about 80 miles and 6k of climbs over Fremont, Tennessee and Vail Pass.  The route went up the I-70 side of Fremont which is the more difficult side, the Leadville side of Tennessee, which is the easier side, and the Vail side of Vail Pass which is the more difficult side.  Very well supported ride.  If I needed a two day training ride I would stay at Copper Resort and do this loop in opposite directions.

Ridge of the Rockies Tour.  The Copper Triangle event was to be the test of whether I was going to do this ride.  But I had already decided and told PAC that I would not.  While my strength did not seem to fade from the Iceland trip, I didn't recover well from major efforts and that has always been my concern with something as strenuous as this tour.

July.  July was a light month.  A week of testing, ten days going, in and returning from Iceland, and then two hard weeks of training yielded 667 miles and 42 hours of training.  By the end of the month, as already mentioned, I had concluded that my recovery wasn't good enough.  Even now my power seems to be increasing daily--as expected--but I don't trust my ability to go 100+ miles with lots of climbs a day for two weeks.

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