Sunday, August 17, 2014

Changing Training

Last week (week ending August 10th) I cycled 300 miles mostly doing long endurance rides.  Longest ride was 93 miles.  This week I began to change training strategy and cycled only 170 miles including one long ride of 99 miles.

One change is to do more high intensity rides some even on a trainer.  I have been building endurance for so long that my upper end power has declined considerably.  So I have to get back to the hard, painful task of intervals, tempo and threshold work.

I also am adding more running.  Cycling has made me so one dimensional--straight ahead--that I think I am out of balance.  Running will certainly help build a different set of muscles and add aerobic work.

For more aerobic work I am also going to start swimming.  I am looking for a coach so that I re-learn to swim properly and efficiently.

Add to running and swimming more strength and flexibility work and my weekly training time will go up from around 17 hours.

And since I am running and going to start swimming, I am seriously considering training for an Ironman.  Surprisingly, the few people who know of this thinking do not think I am crazy but are fully supportive.

I think I am crazy.

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