Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Very Busy First Month of Ironman Training

Sooooo many details!!  It has been hectic getting organized, hiring coaches, developing a training plan, swimming, swimming some more, and getting all the techniques right to be efficient.  And none of this is complete.

I have selected an overall triathlon coach--Michael Stone.  He is a long story himself but I will wait until I know more.  It turned out that getting a triathlon coach right away was important.  Over several hours of discussion Michael has been introducing me to the need to be far more efficient in everything and how I train for a single, multi-day event like cross country cycling tours has little to do with training for a full Ironman.

Even my swim coach, Katie, is being coached by Michael.  Katie is a swim coach--not a triathlon swim coach.  So she is trying to teach me how to swim properly and she frets over my poor swim kick.  Michael cares less about the kick and more about an efficient stroke.  And an efficient tri stroke is different than what a swim coach would teach.  I have not got it down yet.

As for running, I have several issues to be worked out.  I run with a slight over stride.  That is going to be easy to fix.  What has us worried is my right adductor hurts if I run too much.  Everyone thinks it has something to do with cycling and likely a muscle imbalance.  Trying to get into see a PT who can help diagnose and make adjustments.  Working my way through this mechanical issue could take a lot of work and time.

Cycling also presents some problems.  I have cut my long ride from 100 miles to 50 to give me more time to focus on swimming and running.  And there is no doubt that I can do the cycling section of the Ironman with no difficulty.  What is not known is whether is can use my road bike and still have legs enough to run a marathon.  I am told by several coaches that a time trail bike takes some strain off the quads that I will need for the run.  I don't want a TT bike.  I have a great road racing bike (Trek Madone 6.5).  I am going to get a bike fit next week to see how far we can push to road bike geometry.

So everything is in motion and nothing set yet.  I am working out six days a week, the hours are less than I was riding, but I have to get more rest.  An hour of swimming is a lot harder than an hour of cycling.

Still I am pretty confident that I can make my goal of a full Ironman in 16 hours (2 hours swimming and transition, 7 hours cycling and transition, and 7 hours running).  Just got to practice technique, build endurance in swimming and running, and NOT GET HURT.

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