Friday, October 3, 2014

Identifying Physical Issues

Over the last week I have had a bike fit and a physical therapy assessment attempting to insure that I don't have any physical issues before the training load gets really large.  We have more work to do.

A major motivation for getting these physical checks is my adductors.  Running is aggravating them but why isn't clear.

One thought was there is something I am doing on the bike that affects my legs.  Hence the bike fit.  But my bike fit is perfect.  My stroke is nearly perfect. The bike fit definitely found no problems and was rather flattering.

Next was a visit to one of the top physical therapist for runners--a former marathon champion in the 2:10 time frame.  In his opinion my lower left leg is 7mm longer than the right but that would have not affect the adductors.  I ran for him.  My stride and foot placement are near perfect so there is nothing in actual running that is affecting my adductors.

Probably the problem is one that my massage therapist (Nat) and my yoga instructor (Kim) pointed out years ago.  My hips and lower back are way too tight and my gluts are too weak.  So the next step is to get serious first about some Foundation Training (look it up as I know very little about it).  Second, to focus stretching and strengthening using yoga, Pilates and good old gym work.

All the while continuing to improve running, swimming, and strengthening my cycling.  My long run is 90 minutes and 7 miles and change.  My long swim is 400 meters.  My long ride is capped at 3-4 hours with some tempo work.

I am okay with where I am but not at all happy with the pain in my adductors.

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