Sunday, October 26, 2014

Race Decision Deferred

For a while this week I was really pressed to make a decision.  I thought the bike I wanted was on sale for $1999 and that was such a deal I couldn't pass it up.  And if I had the bike, I might as well make a run (pun intended) at racing.

But the bike I want isn't even built yet.  It is a P2 with an 11-speed 105 with a 11-32 cassette.  That is a 2015 bike and won't be available for a few months.  So I didn't have to buy a bike and so, at least for a couple of weeks, don't have to make a decision.

Another factor was my training.  Starting Thursday I was in a funk and tired.  Swim class went poorly.  I ran slower and not as far.  Even cycling was more of task than usual.  I expect some weeks to be a setback and this sure was one.  But setback weeks don't give you the confidence to make a major upgrade in your goals.

Finally, I have house guests this coming week and then there is Thanksgiving, a 10-day family vacation, Christmas, and New Years.  Lots of time for input from my family and for training to go off the rails.  I don't know if a decision to race would help keep training on the rails or not but I hope to not decide before January.

This week I trained 15 hours.  I rode 133 miles.  Ran 13 miles over 4:45 hrs.  Swam 2.5 hours.  Swimming and running reflect how tired I have been this week.

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