Sunday, November 2, 2014

Going Long, Taking a Break, Going Long Again

This week I had house guests Wednesday through Saturday so I planned to push long efforts on Monday and Tuesday and then, maybe, again on Sunday.  For once the plan worked out.

On Monday I rode 4.5 hrs and sixty-six miles following the Boulder Ironman route 40 miles and then looping home.  The speed was a little slower than I wanted but I am still focused on increasing my cadence.  On this ride I averaged 88 rpm which is close to my target of 90 rpm.  As far as long rides go, I am limited in how long I can ride by my coach.  Time is better spent swimming and running.

On Tuesday I ran ten miles in two hours.  It is pretty easy to see that that is a 5mph, 12 minute/mile pace and a 5:15 marathon.  But I am in no shape to hold that pace.  I was tiring substantially the last two miles.  Nevertheless, ten miles is a milestone distance.  I suspect that I will now focus on increasing my pace.

Just as a reminder, right now I run four minutes and walk one minute.

Sunday I swam 2000 meters which is my longest swim ever.  For me, once I settle into a rhythm I can now swim a long time.  The trouble is that eventually my shoulders begin to signal that they are being strained.  That was the case today.  As I neared 2000 meters I could tell that if I pushed it further my shoulders would be hurting and would affect my swim training the rest of the week.

In summary, I have hit my running milestone of two hours and ten miles and am closing in on my swim milestone of 3000 meters.  Because I am a strong cyclist I do not have a cycling milestone.

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