Monday, November 24, 2014

Training for My First Ironman at 66--Disastrous Run

Last week my triathlon coach, Michael Stone, and I discussed my run and why my pace was falling off so badly starting at mile 7.  The conclusion was I needed to drink and eat after the first hour.  Saturday I set out to test the hypothesis.

I never got that far.

4.5 miles into the run at 5 mph pace my left adductor flared up badly and put an end to my running.  Fortunately I was only half a mile from my car.  I was on a four mile loop and could easily have been a mile or more from the car.

Sunday I iced it, heated it, elevated it, rested it and totally babied it.  By Monday morning it felt OK.  A little tight but no pain.

So off the gym for my Monday swim, run and the yoga.  I swam 45 minutes largely focused on kick drills.  Did I mention that my shoulders were bothering me last week?  No problems with the leg or the shoulders however I did avoid too much strain on the shoulders.

Then to the run.  The plan was to start out real slow and then pick up the pace but still to hold it to a moderate pace.  The plan lasted 15 minutes.  I was never able to get faster than 4.5 mph for a minute followed by a minute of walk.  The left adductor and left hip signaled trouble at any pace greater than a walk.

This afternoon (11-24) I am going to see Mark Plaatjes for help.  I am getting a little nervous.  We will leave soon on a family vacation where I am unlikely to be able to swim.  If I can't run and I know any cycling will be on gym equipment, then I will lose a lot of fitness.  And fitness is so hard to build.

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