Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Training for My First Ironman at 66--Breaking Old Habits

The huge advantage training for an Ironman in Boulder is the level of help available. My triathlon coach is Michael Stone, a world class triathlon who happens to be blind. My physical therapist is Mark Plaatjes (1993 Marathon World Champion). If I needed extra help my neighbor is Darren De Reuck (Olympic running coach). My massage therapist is Nathan Butryn (one of the tops in the country). I have an excellent swim coach (Katie Hostetler). I am such a poor swimmer that I need a coach that can teach me to swim efficiently. Fast isn't an option or needed.
All over town are Kona champions and their coaches. All over town are specialist coaches. Here you can get all the help you would ever need. I don't know how I would train if I didn't live in Boulder.

Yesterday I went to see one of those coaching specialists. I have been having some problem with my left adductor (inside thigh muscle) especially on long (10 mile) runs. PT felt it is caused by a difference in the length of my legs which is causing a problem in my left hip. Nathan (sports massage) also thinks problem is in the hip but thinks it is just stiffness. So I had a standing x-ray done which showed that my left leg is 3mm longer. Today I went to see Ryan Ignatz, world class Xterra triathlete , to study my bike pedaling. Looking at my pedal stroke in slow motion it is obvious that I am over extending my left leg (the longer leg!) and placing a lot of strain on my hip at the top of the stroke. I have ten years of that bad habit to break. Just another thing that 20-30 years ago I could have ignored but now must be re-trained. Gonna be a long winter on the trainer.

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