Sunday, December 28, 2014

Training for My First Ironman at 66--December is a Tough Month

The holidays are tough on all of us and especially for those of us trying to train through it.  For me this was a very challenging month and I think I did pretty well.

Really the challenge for me begins with Thanksgiving.  The next week we left on a ten day family vacation with three nights at Disney World and then a seven day Disney cruise.  A few days after returning from the cruise we had a very fancy dinner.  A week later we hosted the family for dinner on Christmas eve and then went to my daughters house for Christmas dinner.  Then a friend had a Boxing Day dinner.  Finally we have a New Years Eve dinner and partying with friends.

What an obstacle course of dinners!

So with only the New Years eve event to go, I have gained three pounds and in position to be at my lowest weight on January 1st in 30 years.

I have been able to keep working out although many of the workouts are shorter and less intense.  The long run is back to 10 miles in two hours and the long swim is 2500 meters in 63 minutes.  Cycling has not progressed.  I will be kicking up the intensity.

December 28 is 31 weeks from the Boulder Ironman.  Lots of time to get ready if I keep working and healthy.

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