Sunday, January 18, 2015

Training for My First Ironman at 66--An Update on Training

I visited my old company this week and ran into several people who years ago motivated this blog.  A huge thanks to David, John and Keith.  It was so great seeing John and David and hearing about what they and Keith are doing.

This week I trained 12 hours which is best of the last four weeks.  A breakdown of time is an hour of strength training, about four hours of running and 20 miles, three hours of swimming, and four hours and 70 miles of cycling.

Swimming is coming along.  This week I swam 3,000 meters as a ladder starting at 500 meters decreasing by 100 meters to 100 meters and then back up to 500.  Lesson have increased in intensity with longer drills.

Running seems to be stalled.  Ten mile runs remain a challenge.

Cycling is most worrisome and that makes no sense since I am a very experienced cyclist.  But over the last few months my FTP has decreased from 230 to 180.  I suspect that my PowerTap is no longer accurate.  I ran some torque tests and that seems to support my theory.  I will talk to CycleOps.  Whatever, I have to get my power up.  Accurate measurement will only tell me how much.

I did commit to the Triple Bypass this week as the major training event in July.

Where I am behind is strength training.  I need to pump at least three more hours a week of strength and flexibility training.

Twenty-eight weeks until the Ironman.

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