Sunday, January 25, 2015

Training for my First Ironman at 66--Brief Setback

Monday I woke with a stiff lower back and upper gluts.  As I have done many times, I went to the gym and the first stop was the Smith Machine.  I stretch my lower back and gluts by doing sets of squats each set a little lower.  The squat on the third set was 45-60 degrees and on the first squat my back and gluts screamed.  I definitely hurt myself.

For the next three days I iced and heated and stretched and rolled and babied the injury.  Nothing seemed to help.  On Thursday I had a private yoga session (mostly stretching).  Then I was able to get in to see Mark Plaatjes.  He knew immediately what I had done and did his PT magic.  Friday I was all better but cautious.  Friday I did a 2km swim then a 2 mile run, break, then an hour on the bike followed by another 2 mile run.

Saturday was an hour of swim drills going 1600 meters and a 7 mile run.  Sunday was a 3.5 hr bike ride (finally a warm day).

Overall the week was a setback.  Both swimming lessons were cancelled.  Total training hours: 12:30: 1:45 swimming, 2:30 of strength/flexibility, 5:45 hours of cycling and 84 miles, 2:30 of running and 11 miles.  

While that seems to be a productive week, about the only exercise to approximate plan was cycling. I am working my way to a 19 hr training week broken down as:  
a.  5 hours of swimming (5 1-hr sessions 2 which are lessons)
b.  5 hours of running (one 2-hr run and 2 90-min runs)
c.  6 hours of cycling (one long ride of 2.5-3 hrs and 3 1-hour high intensity rides)
d.  3 hours strength training
19 hours a week which is about what I usually did when training for a multi-week ride but that is where the similarity ends. The swim and particularly the run are much harder on me than even a constant diet of climbing on the bike.

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