Thursday, March 5, 2015

Training for my First Ironman at 66--February Update

It is March 1st and my triathlon training is on plan with one notable exception.  Swimming is coming along better than I expected.  The plan was to have training sessions of 3000 meters by March and that is pretty routine now.  Interestingly, coaches would rather I do 30 100-meter intervals than one 3000-meter swim.  Long swims are boring and don’t do that much for endurance.

Running endurance has progressed.  My long run is now 2.5 hours and 12 miles—the last two being a real struggle.  Long runs do build endurance but beat me to pieces. 

Cycling is as good as I could hope for given the weather.  Too much snow and too cold for outdoor rides; I have to do hard intervals in the garage on a trainer.

The one training plan item where I am falling behind is weight.  I needed to lose 6-8 pounds to reach my racing weight goal and I still need to lose 6-8 pounds.  I am frustrated by the asymmetry of training.  It is so easy to lose fitness and so hard to build it.  You can eat an extra 1,000 calories in minutes but it takes hours of hard work to burn it off.  Getting down to racing weight is going to be the biggest training challenge.

March is generally a bad month for outdoor training.  It is typically the snowiest month of the year.  The Ironman Triathlon is in 22 weeks and the first race of the season is 11 weeks away.  Got to keep training including making progress on racing weight.

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