Thursday, April 2, 2015

Training for My First Ironman at 66--Waterproof iPod and earphones!

Waterproof iPod and earphones!  What a difference it makes when swimming to have some cheesy music to break up the monotony.  Usually the only thing I have to keep me company is the black line at the bottom of the pool.  And when you are doing 50 laps it gets old.

It is only seven weeks until the Grand Junction Olympic distance triathlon (1500 meter swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run).  The recent warm weather has allowed some serious riding and running.  I know April is one of the snowiest months in Colorado but I am hoping for rain instead.  While unpleasant, you can run and ride in rain.  Snow; not so much.

Swimming continues to come along.  Today I did 10 broken 150 yards intervals and 10 timed 100-yard intervals.  On a broken interval the laps or lengths are not the same.  In this case each interval consisted of a 50-yard swim, 50-yard swim drill (for example 1-arm swim), and 50 yard kick drill (for example with a board).  I did a similar workout earlier in the week except it ended with a 1,000-yard timed swim.

Running is mixed.  My long run is 12.5 miles and my 10-mile pace is improving nicely but after ten miles I still struggle.  Hill climbs and speed work have been added to the weekly run plan with total weekly miles 25-28.

Cycling is my strongest sport.  My long ride is 75 miles and weekly mileage around 125.  Hill climbs are added to the weekly long ride and threshold workouts.

There is even some small progress in getting to racing weight.

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