Monday, May 25, 2015

Training for My First Ironman at 67--Getting Nervous

I am starting to get nervous.  My hip is only about 90%.  The best diagnosis is that I injured the sacrotuberous ligament and the piriformis in the left hip.  Ligaments are difficult to heal.  It has been nearly a month since I did a long run.

And the constant rain is killing any long bike rides.  It has been raining nearly everyday in Colorado for more than a month (it was running on muddy trails that caused the hip injury).  I have an indoor trainer but a trainer workout needs to be high intensity to be effective.  My hip can’t take that.

The rain affects swimming, as well.  I should be starting open water swims by now and definitely this weekend.  But the water is too cold (54 degrees). 

I have already scratched from the Grand Junction triathlon and the Bolder Boulder 10K.  Now my coach and I have decided that the Boulder Half Ironman will be a training day.  In other words, I will do the event but at training intensity.    I haven’t scratched from the Triple Bypass cycling event in July but cancelling is very likely.  I will need every day to rebuild my run.

The full Ironman is only ten weeks away.  Yikes.  I am getting very nervous.

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