Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Training for my First Ironman at (now) 67--Hurt Leg

I have read that 90% of serious runners are injured.  Now I am one of them.  Injured that is—not a serious runner.  My left leg falls apart on a long run between 8-10 miles.  It has been happening for a while but with a couple of days rest I was OK.  Not this time.  This time I was six miles from home and had three miles of muddy path to run before pavement.  That was too much for my leg. 

This is a setback in run training but as long as it heals in the next couple of weeks I will be fine. 

Training increases a lot in May.  The rides and runs—when I get well—are much longer and intense.  Swimming takes another step Memorial Day when the Boulder reservoir opens and the 750-meter open-water course is available.  This week I ran and cycled 191 miles and trained 18 hours and I didn’t do all planned because of my leg.

It is only 2 weeks before the first race, an Olympic distance triathlon.  The only thing that concerns me about that race is how cold the water will be in that mountain lake—and that I have not had any open water swims.

It is only 13 weeks until the full Ironman.  Between the Olympic triathlon and the full Ironman I have an event just about every two weeks.  That said, the only critical events are the Olympic, the half Ironman and the Ironman.  Any other event I will scratch if it doesn’t contribute to finishing the Ironman.

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