Sunday, July 19, 2015

Training for my First Ironman at 67--Two Weeks to Go

The Ironman is two weeks from today (July 19).  Today was the last long effort; a two mile swim in open water.  The swim was really hard and I was really tired but I am encouraged. 

I am encouraged because now I think I have a 50/50 shot of completing the race.  When I started about a year ago I thought I could do the race in 16 hours (2 hour swim, 7 hour ride, and 7 hour run).  Now I understand a lot more about the interaction of the events, how hard the swim is for me and that I have to use the bike section to recover for the run.  I think it will take me 16:30 (2:10 swim, 7:30 ride, 6:30 run plus 20 minutes in transition from one sport to the next).  That is close (17 hours maximum) and if much goes wrong…well, you know.  And the swim is still going to be very tight.

I have finished all the long training swims, rides and runs.  Now it is a tricky matter of getting rested while maintaining as much fitness as possible.  This week my long runs will be 90 minutes, long rides, 2:30 hours and long swims, 1,500 meters. 

And lots of naps and early to bed.

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