Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Recovering from My First Ironman at 67--Week 1

The most common questions I get are around how I felt after the race was over or other variations on how sore were you or how much did you hurt.  Another variation on the same question is how is the recovery going.

Surprisingly, I was not sore after the race nor would I get sore.  Perhaps I am drawing too fine a distinction but I didn't have any muscle pain in what I consider the traditional sense.  I am referring to the pain in the muscle like one would get from straining it.

Don't misunderstand me, I had a lot of pain for three days after the race.  It was all ligament and tendon pain and I was so stiff from toe to shoulder that I could not walk up or down stairs normally.  I had to go down sideways one step at a time.

Also telling was how tired I was.  It would take four days of sleeping and napping before I felt normal.

On day 1 I did nothing.  On day 2 I got a light massage.  On day 3 I walked slowly 2 miles and did a light spin on my bike trainer.  I didn't trust myself to actually get on my bike.

By Saturday I was able to do light yard work, do light swimming and do 45 minute easy rides.

And I am over eating like crazy.  That will stop in week 2 of the recovery but I will keep intensity out of my plans for at least another week.

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