Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Training for a 70.3 at 67--Injuries

One key to successfully completing the Ironman triathlon was getting to the starting line unhurt.   While there were times during training when I was babying an injury, I did get to the starting line unhurt. 

It has been a different story since the Ironman.  Recovering from the Ironman took a few weeks.  No need to repeat that story.  Once I was ready to train again my coach and I decided that in 2016 I would concentrate on the Boulder Half Ironman (70.3) and set a goal of reducing my time by an hour.  

To get faster I began high-intensity training.  Almost immediately I hurt my knee.

I have no idea how.  I woke up one night with my knee hurting so much I was sure I somehow tore it.  It was a Friday night and I made an appointment to see a doctor on Tuesday.  But by Sunday the pain was decreasing so I cancelled the appointment.  It would be two weeks before I could run without pain.

Once well I began track workouts to speed up my run.  Two weeks of track workouts and right in the middle of a set of hard runs I pulled a groin muscle.  It was nasty and left no doubt I needed to stop running—NOW!

It is coming up on six weeks since I pulled that groin and I am still trying to recover.  It has been aggressively treated and is getting better but very slowly.  Now I can do a slow four-mile run.  I can do some endurance rides but my power is rapidly declining.  My swim still sucks but that has nothing to do with my groin muscle.

I still think completing a Half Ironman an hour faster next summer is doable.  But injuries will ruin a plan (ask Payton).  I am going to have to re-assess how much training my old body can absorb and not break.  And look at what else I need to do to keep my body healthy.  It remains essential that I get to the starting line unhurt.

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