Saturday, December 5, 2015

Training for a 70.3 at 67--New Plan

I have been babying this groin injury for over ten weeks now.  This week I talked (via email) with my doctor and saw a different PT.  Both said the injury is healing appropriately and it will take another two or three weeks.

Also I have had a discussion with my triathlon coach about training through this injury.  The plan when I got injured was high intensity workouts.  That, of course, came to an end.  Since then it has been about seven hours a week of easy swimming, cycling and very slow running. 

The new plan is actually harder, in my opinion, than all-out training for an Ironman.  The new plan is to increase training to 10-12 hours a week of low intensity (aerobic, John Anderson would call it LSD only on a bike and in the water, too) and--and this is the killer--change diet to lose ten pounds.

Of course he is right.  If I can’t focus on intensity then the next best performance improvement will come from being ten pounds lighter.  It is easy to imagine how much energy it takes to carry ten pounds on a half or full Ironman. 

Most of us know how hard it is to lose weight.  And increasing exercise does not make it easier.  In fact, to support that much exercise and lose weight requires a wholesale diet change--A really, really big challenge.

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