Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Training for an Ironman at 67--New Year

Saturday, January 9th, kicked off the 2016 training season with a half marathon at Disney World.  There are 22 weeks before the Boulder Half Ironman race.  I will need every day of it if I am to reduce my time by an hour.

I treated the half marathon as a long run and not a race.  The adductor injury has prevented me from running nearly enough to race hard.  So the plan was to go easy and see how the injury reacted.

The adductor injury is still lingering but much better.   It wasn’t much of a factor.  My glasses broke about four miles into the race so I really couldn’t see much.  But then with 20,000+ runners packed together I didn’t need to see much.  Just go with the crowd.

The biggest challenge was getting up at 2:50.  That is when I really am asking myself “why am I doing this?”.

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