Friday, February 26, 2016

Training for an Ironman at 67--Disney Half Marathon

Sunday I ran the Disney World half marathon with my daughter Robin and her husband Eric.  She was Cinderella and we were the two ugly stepsisters.  Robin had had knee problems and this was a test of the non-surgical fix.  It went spectacularly.  She had no problems during or after the run.  We did start easy running the second half much faster than the first.

My running is well ahead of last year but swimming and cycling are behind.  I am not concerned about the cycling and I shouldn't be about swimming.  I have been a long distance cyclist for years and have plenty of base.  And I managed to make the swims last year with terrible form.

Came down with a cold after Florida and have been taking it extra easy the last five days.  Just starting to ramp up this weekend.

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