Saturday, April 16, 2016

Training for a 70.3 at 67--Rest

Rest is an activity with which I struggle.

I know I need to rest a lot.  At 67--68 next week--I don't recover quickly for workouts.  I have had much experience with how extended riding eventually wears me down.  A few years ago I rode from San Diego to Savannah (about 3,000 miles) in 26 days.  Average day was 112 miles with the longest being 150 and the shortest, the last day, 87.

For the first few days I had no trouble keeping up with some 40 year old riders.  On a long ride like this everyone strengthens for the first week or two and then the age-thing happens.  At the end of two weeks I could no longer keep up with the same group and eventually I was really worn out.

Training for an Ironman is similar in that everyday you can do some training depending on the time you have.  I have lots of time so I tend to do lots of training.  And my coach keeps telling me to rest, do less, sit on the couch, and less is more.

I am having such a hard time with this.  My only A race of the year is now eight weeks away and I am panicked that I am not ready; I need to swim and ride more.  I can't run more because my body breaks and I am on the edge of breaking it running already.

Coach wants me to take two days off a week.  He would really like it to be three but I won't.  I already do a swim, some core work, and call it a rest day.  Sitting around in compression socks seems like a waste.  Shouldn't I be training something.

I struggle with this every day and every workout.

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