Sunday, June 12, 2016

Training for an Ironman at 68--Crash

I fell off a ladder and re-injured everything the day before the Boulder 70.3.  My training and planning was for nothing in one instance.   I was vacuuming a shelf and stepped backwards off a three-foot ladder landing very hard on a tile floor.  My left adductor, lower back, and sports hernia all flashed back to "much pain".

Everyone is encouraging me to find a plan B and do a different race.  That won't be easy.  I need time to heal and that could be a few weeks.  I need a wetsuit swim and those will be hard to find as the summer progresses.

I am thinking that an aggressive 2017 might be a better plan.  I do need to lose some weight.  More about that with next post.  Right now I am going to have coffee with my coach and see what he has to say.

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