Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ironman Training at 68--Resetting After a Disappointing Season

I had a disappointing racing summer.  The last race I did was a half marathon in February.  Between my injuries (some still nagging), a home remodeling that closed our kitchen for six weeks, and a chest cold, I missed a planned half marathon and a Half Ironman.

Now my fitness is off, my weight is up, and the racing season is over for me.

It is 43 weeks to the next Boulder Full Ironman.  Time to get to work.

Unfortunately I still have a chest cold that prevents me from working very hard.  I'll have to do what I can do until the cold runs its course.  I definitely need to rebuild my cycling strength so that 112 miles is no big deal.  In 2008 I did 26 straight days averaging 113 miles/day.  

It is back to the gym.  This early I need to rebuild strength.

Swimming presents a particular problem.  The Boulder Ironman is June 11th, 2016.  That means there is very little time to get open water swims.  I have to improve my swim to the point where a 2.4 mile open water swim doesn't concern me.  Huge challenge.

And, finally, for me, a successful training program is only half of what I need to have.  I need to have a successful dieting program as well.  Another huge challenge.

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