Sunday, August 28, 2016

Training for Ironman Triathlons at 68

I think I mentioned that I have a coach, Michael Stone, who is blind and just did his sixteenth Ironman.  This one he had to be tethered to someone.  We have worked together now for two years and usually I am his only athlete.  He also happens to own the top triathlon store in Boulder. 

I mention that because we have been working on my training plan.  I got and read Get Iron Fit which is somewhat different than Joe Freil’s approach and really different than advocated  by Chris Carmichael’s company TrainRight.  Turns out Michael has a different plan for me. 

Run.  Hold steady at max 3 hours a week with one 90-minute long run, one easy hour run, and one short run off bike.  Reason:  I have been very susceptible to injury running.  Keep the pounding down until stronger.

Strength.  Two or three strength session per week.  Interestingly here in Boulder he thinks there are only a few strength coaches qualified to work with me (age, history of injury, etc).  He will have to get one to take me on as a project. 
Swim.  One long swim per week starting at 1000 yards increasing 10% a week and at least two more training sessions a week.  

Ride.  One long ride per week starting at 2:30 hrs increasing 10% a week up to five hours.  One easy ride.  One or two workouts of threshold (z4) intervals.

Two days a week fully off.

A week of century rides in March. 

A 70.3/Olympic in April or early May
Boulder Ironman June 11th.

Boulder 70.3 in August.

Does anyone have any experience with the 70.3 at Haines, FL or the HITS at Ocala, FL?

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