Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Training for triathlons at 68--How to Go Forward

The decision to not race the Boulder Ironman in 2017 will affect my training but I don’t know what that looks like, yet.  My triathlon coach has said we will drop the volume of training and focus on getting strong and working on power, efficiency and speed. 

The decision also opens the question of when and where to race my next full Ironman.  It is possible I might race late in 2017.  Madison, Austin and Phoenix are possibilities.  

Another possibility is to wait until 2018 when I change age groups and race for a podium place.  There are less than 100 men racing in the 70-74 age group worldwide.  If I read the numbers right, 117 men signed up for an Ironman but only 77 finished one.  But these men are really fast.

This week was another heavy week.  Overall things went according to plan.  Was a little short on swimming.

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