Monday, November 14, 2016

Training for Triathlons at 68--Big Training Week

The week of October 31st was a big training week—almost 17.5 hours of work.  Without swimming—pool closed for maintenance—and with warm, dry weather I focused on cycling and strength. 

Running remains a concern.  The Achilles tendinitis is much better but not well and not tested on a long, hard run.  I continue to limit running to three hours a week.

--> I have recovered the fitness lost when I fell in June.  But fitness and race-ready are related but different things.  I am fit measured by the amount of training stress I can do.   But in many other ways I am not ready to race (e.g. weight).

I have included a chart—the Performance Management Chart or PMC—which is the gold standard chart in cycling and triathlons—to give you a visual of training. 

The PMC shows three things: the level of training stress (the yellow line), the level of fatigue (the pink line), and the level of fitness (gray line).  How these things are determined is complicated and requires you have the right equipment.  It also shows the rate at which fitness decays—very fast—when training is light or stops.

--> Next week it is back to swimming and a running test of my Achilles.

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