Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Training for Triathlons at 68--New Year, Big Plans

I got more training in this last week than I expected.  It is useful to get this much work in as it tells me a lot about where I am so my coaches can help develop training plans and hopefully not break me.  I keep injuring myself and those injuries stay around for a long time.

I start a masters swimming program Jan 3.  I need more coaching on my swim.  I am somewhere between a non-swimmer and just a bad swimmer.  Also start a more structured strength program tomorrow (Jan 2).  I'll detail my strength program next posting.

I am now committed to four races this year: a sprint in June, an Olympic in July, a half Ironman in August and another half Ironman in September.  The full Ironman in New Zealand, March of 2018, is still under consideration but no commitment will be made until next fall.

I will also add some running races--maybe even a marathon in the fall-- and swim events to supplement my triathlon training.  

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