Sunday, January 29, 2017

Training for Triathlons at 68--Pushing Volume

This was a planned large volume week.  Total planned training was about 15.5 hours and I actually managed about 14.5 hours.  My long run was just short of 8.5 miles.  I swam over 5,000 yards, which sounds impressive, but the Ironman swim of 2.4 miles is more than 4,200 yards. 

A lot of training time is going into improving efficiency; especially swimming and running.  For example, a lot of swimming this week was slow short swims focused on head position and right arm stroke.  My right arm makes a flat arc (parallel to the water) instead of an overhead arc.  That wastes energy and is an inefficient “catch” (the first part of the underwater “pull”).  Some of the strength training is also focused on getting the stroke efficient.

Strength training is also important for the run but probably not how you would expect.  Most of the strength work is on lateral movement (as a cyclist I am pretty strong straight ahead but have weak adductors and outer glutes).  Another area of focus is the small stabilizing muscles in the legs and glutes.  The stronger these muscles the more efficient stride as they hold the leg stable letting the back chain of muscles to pull straight through.

Strength training on the bike is primarily done on the bike (hence all the lateral and small muscle weaknesses). 

Bike training is disrupting my careful plans.  The Tucson ride first of March will cover 470-550 miles in a week.  I have to make sure I am ready which means running, for sure, and swimming get less training.  It also means that anytime the weather is good I need to be riding.

And that is the box.  I am pretty fatigued from the three-week buildup to this large volume week.  Six of the next nine days are forecast to be above 50 degrees.   I will be riding a lot and trying to manage fatigue. 

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