Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Training for Triathlons at 69--Race Week

It is race week and the first race is complete.  I ran a 10K along with 50,000 of my running buddies.  It is a tough course at 5400 feet with lots of hills and turns--and with a lot of people in the way.  My goal was a sub 60 minute run.  I missed; running 1:01:08.  I didn’t run a smart race making some tactical errors on the tough, crowded course.

My numbers:  I was 16 of 92 (69 year old men), 7,692 of 21, 581 men and 11,512 of about 50,000 runners (final numbers aren’t in).    Like I said, a crowded race.

Saturday is a sprint triathlon (750 meter open water swim, 17 mile bike, 5K run).  I did my first open water swim last Saturday and the water was 59 degrees and it was raining.  Ugly.  The water should be marginally warmer come Saturday.

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