Sunday, June 25, 2017

Training for Triathlons at 69--On Plan

Two weeks until the Olympic Tri and, at the risk of jinxing myself, things are going very well.  For the first time since I started training for triathlons, nearly three years ago, I am injury free.  My running is getting faster especially at miles 8, 10 and 12 on long runs.  And while my swimming is actually a little slower, the transition to a more efficient stroke and better body position makes my swim a lot more relaxed.  The difference in time for me between a slow, relaxed 1.2-mile swim and a hard swim is 3.5 minutes.  Who cares!

Fitness, with one exception, is the best it has been since just before the full Ironman in 2015.  Fitness, as measured by Training Peaks Performance Management Chart (I have shown this chart before) is at its highest since 2012 when I was training for a cross country bike ride.  And that was just cycling fitness.  My resting heart rate is back below 50 when I take enough rest for my body to calm down.  The one exception is my weight that is still 5 pounds higher than it was in 2015 and a lot higher than it should be for best performance.

The Olympic Tri is a “B” race meaning I will incorporate it into my weekly training as a hard training day but won’t go into a full taper in preparation.  The “A” race is the Half Ironman in August.

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