Thursday, June 22, 2017

Training for Triathlons at 69--Post Race Week

The week after the Sprint Triathlon was harder than I expected.  It wasn’t until Tuesday (race on Saturday) that I felt the full affect and I was tired.  By Friday I was feeling fine again and then, on Sunday, was the Boulder Ironman.  While I didn’t race, I did spend hours on the course cheering the racers (and most of the bike and run routes were closed anyway).

This week was a lot more normal with about 12.5 hours training including a solid 10-mile run and a couple of rides on the Olympic bike route.  The bike route is only about eight miles longer than the sprint tri but has a steep 1000-feet climb to start .  The climb is so steep in places that I have a very hard time making it. 

It is less than three weeks to the Olympic tri and I am focused on building endurance in all three disciplines.  The Sprint tri is a two-hour race.  The Olympic is about a four-hour race and following it by a month is a half Ironman that is a 6-8 hour race.  This next race is really just a fitness test for the half Ironman in August.

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