Monday, July 10, 2017

Racing a Triathlon at 69--Olympic Tri

Sunday I raced the Boulder Peaks Olympic Triathlon (0.9 mile swim, 25 mile bike with 1500 feet of climbs, and a 10K run). Any triathlon that I finish is a successful race. But to consider it a good race I need to do each phase as well as I can. 
I did not run well.
Up at 3:50am, make breakfast and leave at 4:30. Park and get equipment set up. Body marking at 5:30 (your age is on left calf which can be interesting). In the warmup swim area at 6. Race starts at 7. My wave goes off at 7:40.
Swim and bike go about to plan.  The swim out was straight into the sun which actually helped.  Just swim into the sun.  But the leg back I tired and when I tire I wander.  Ended up swimming 1719 yards which isn't too bad.
The bike route climbed Olde Stage road which has a 1,000 feet of climbs from the swim area.  I had to stop once and walk some of the steepest part.  Then when screaming downhill a strap broke on the top tube bag.  The bag rolled upside down, dumping my gels and salt tablets, and then slide between my legs to harass my legs the rest of the ride.   
Within the first mile of the run I knew I was going to be a very ugly run. I had expected to do the entire race in four hours. It took 4:14.  Everything went wrong on the run starting with my own errors.  I focused on clearing T2 fast and it still took me almost 5 minutes.  And I forgot to take my water bottle and a handkerchief.  Later a dog cut in front of me and tripped me.  The dog got the worst of it but it still made me angry given how tired I was.
I neither race nor chase in triathlons. My only goals are to have fun and do each phase as well as I can. There are VERY few newbies in my age group. The man next to me was doing his 100th triathlon (I beat him by several minutes). 
Overall, a successful but poor race.

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