Monday, July 3, 2017

Training for Triathlons at 69--Practice Race

I did a practice Olympic Tri this week and relearned an important lesson.

I started with a 1650 yard swim in a 25 yard pool.  Because the pool is a few miles from my house I never intended to try and simulate the transitions.

The cycling route has a 1,000 feet of climbs in the first six miles including some sections at 15% grade.  I wanted to test the impact on time of having to walk the steepest section.  It added 2 minutes which isn't much of a penalty.  It might even be advantageous given the effort required to ride it.

The real ride begins with about seven miles to go with a series of rollers, some steep.  I was to take these rollers hard; especially cresting them fast.  Which I did.

But I didn't drink enough on the bike.  Maybe I drank half a bottle and it should have been closer to two.  The effect was that I started the 10K run dehydrated although I didn't realize it at the time.

But from the beginning of the run I could tell I was going to have a very hard time.  In fact I had to stop at about 5.75 miles because I was just straining too much.  It was only after when I was trying to figure out what went wrong did I realize I hadn't drank enough.  In fact my body weight was down five pounds from start to finish.

And that is way too much.

Lesson relearned.  Drink and eat on the bike.  Even an Olympic which "only" goes for about four hours requires hydration and nutrition.

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